Disability Must be Part of Diversity Initiatives

If you work for a college, government agency, or large corporation, it is likely there is some type of diversity initiative or program. In my own experience, I have seen very little mention of disabilities as a diversity issue. This is a serious oversight. It is important for those of us who are informed about disability issues either personally or professionally to take steps to correct this. Sometimes we wait for some distant advocacy group to do this, or some professional who manages diversity efforts. Neither of these will be effective in changing things where you work. So, we all … Continue reading Disability Must be Part of Diversity Initiatives

Closing thoughts about “The Incidents” at FSK Mall in Frederick

The last week at our home has been focused, first of all, on getting my daughter off to college. A second focus has been dealing with the “incidents” at FSK Mall in Frederick. http://www.fredericknewspost.com/sections/news/display.htm?storyID=108668 After two newspaper articles, an online article, and a television news story, we think there has been sufficient coverage. Just to close out, though, with some parting thoughts. You never know what you are going to get with the media. We have had experience with the media several times before, usually positive, but sometimes not. We were hesitant to move forward, but thought about the people … Continue reading Closing thoughts about “The Incidents” at FSK Mall in Frederick

Doctor Visits

I confess to having white coat phobia. I do not like doctor’s offices, hospitals, or dentists. Last week we I had to visit my nephrologist (a kidney doctor). I paid careful attention to how the staff communicated with me. First stop, the lady behind the desk–not good. She did not look up, and yelled for me through the window. The next person, the nurse who comes out and calls your name, did very well. She walked out into the waiting room, looked around, made eye contact, and called my name. The next nurse, taking my blood pressure and asking those … Continue reading Doctor Visits

Blogging about a Blog

The nature of the blog is that it is an online journal of sorts. From time to time, it is fine to journal about someone else’s journal. Last week, another blogger blogged about an article I wrote for Hearing Loss Magazine. The blog entry written by Shane Feldman can be found here. Several people have written to me and asked for a response. I think the first part of my response may surprise some when I say that I found Shane Feldman’s writing to be very reasonable and articulate. He makes his arguments well, and has some good points. I … Continue reading Blogging about a Blog

Chaos and Air Travel

Is it my imagination, or is air travel becoming more of a hassle than ever before? Did people used to get stuck out on the tarmac in crowded planes without working air conditioning? I also wonder if airlines think that not giving bad information is preferred to leaving people in the dark for hours when there are delays and cancellations. This spring, I was at my gate for a connecting American Airlines flight through Charlotte. When the time for departure came and went I found a gate agent (not all that easy to do) and asked when the plane was … Continue reading Chaos and Air Travel

What where they thinking…

Long story short… a teenager boy in NY has not been allowed to bring his hearing assistance dog into school. Many may have heard the story, or seen it on CNN or some other show. Here’s one link: http://wcbstv.com/topstories/local_story_008053726.html This should have been a “no-brainer” for the school system officials. They should know they have no legal standing, at all. Other than the legal issues, what about public relations? Everyone knows you don’t mess with kids and puppies. The only reply that I have seen from the school system officials said something about a “process” not being followed. In other words, our lawyer … Continue reading What where they thinking…

There they go… again

Last month at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) meeting, a democratic commissioner and a republican commissioner both quoted President Ronald Reagan. Given that this is in vogue, I decided to pull a quote myself “There they go again.” I received a press release a couple of weeks ago announcing that Communications Services for the Deaf (CSD) is going to spin off the video interpreting services into a for-profit company. CSD has helped a lot of people, and provided many services. Their press release, unfortunately, contained a huge mistake. The CSD press release stated: “VRS offers the nation’s 28 million deaf … Continue reading There they go… again