The psychology of rude commenters on technology news and information sites

I often read technology news and blogs and occasionally wander over to the comments section to see people’s real world experiences. You are always confronted with caustic comments that regularly include profanity aimed at the writers, those who choose the technology or service, and others who have posted. Why would anyone read an article about a product or service they may have never used, then leave some off-topic caustic comment? While we might never know because they are almost always anonymous, psychologists can make some guesses based on patterns of this rude and socially deviant behavior. Disappointment with where they … Continue reading The psychology of rude commenters on technology news and information sites

Is PowerPoint 2013 now better than Keynote?

A year ago I would have accused you of technology sacrilege and lacking in the nuances of presentation design if you had said that PowerPoint 2013 was better than Keynote. While both are available as web apps, the comparison may seem strange because PowerPoint 2013 is a Microsoft Windows product and Keynote lives on Apple products. However, I think a number of professionals live in both worlds, having a Windows desktop and an Apple product such as a MacBook Air or iPad. For four years I always picked up my MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to design a presentation. I … Continue reading Is PowerPoint 2013 now better than Keynote?

It’s not always about the technology

This weekend I was in an Apple Store, which was full of people. Kids were playing with iPads (primarily iPad minis), parents were buying their college students new MacBooks, and some people were just there playing with the technology. The children were taking pictures of each other with the iPads and playing games. I was also in Staples, and went over to look at two Microsoft Surface tablets on display. There was no one around. I clicked on an Office app, which asked me to sign-up for a SkyDrive account before it would work. I set it down and walked … Continue reading It’s not always about the technology

The real truth about my day

I had the health and strength to get up early this morning, get ready, and drive myself to work. There are millions of people who are struggling with disabilities who find this difficult, or impossible.  I will spend the day in the luxury and privilege that is middle class America. I have an abundance of fresh food, clean drinking water, and live and work in an air conditioned building. There are literally billions of people who would trade places with me, in a second, with no questions asked.  Don’t worry, though, I am sure I will be uncomfortable for five … Continue reading The real truth about my day

Video on accessibility not accessible

People who know me know I am an Apple fanatic. They have a beautiful video that includes how technology is helping people with disabilities. It is not captioned. So, the video that discusses accessibility is not accessible. Here is the video: Here is how to let Apple know you want this captioned: Continue reading Video on accessibility not accessible