When friendship and leadership collide

I have been saddened to see the continued support from prominent leaders for a protestant pastor who failed to protect children who were sexully abused. His failure to lead by reporting this predator (and maybe others) to authorities led to more children being sexually abused in other parts of the country. His actions and inactions have destroyed many lives. Yet, his well respected friends in leadership positions say he is being maligned and falsely accused. With court testimony and written testimony from dozens of witnesses you would think they couldn’t really be saying this, but they are. This is leadership malpractice. … Continue reading When friendship and leadership collide

Why Some Staff and Volunteers in Non-Profit Organizations Start to Obsess over Money

Most people who work or volunteer in non-profit organizations do so because of their interest or commitment to the mission or cause. Some of these people shift their focus to fretting and obsessing over money, talking very little about mission, values or vision. If they do in fact mention these words, it is really as a method to get more money for their chosen organization. Sometimes this shift affects entire organizations and they get into an endless loop of the majority of staff and volunteers chasing after donations. If they stumble upon moving the mission forward, they view it in … Continue reading Why Some Staff and Volunteers in Non-Profit Organizations Start to Obsess over Money

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

New legislation or new policies that support people with disabilities come around too infrequently.  When they do happen, you will see calls to action that basically say “If you care about people with disabilities support this. Email your elected officials, and send us a donation to help us get this passed.” The problem is that most people never read the legislation or policy they are asked to support. Not every piece of pro-disability legislation is a good piece of legislation. The latest rallying point is the CRPD, a UN Treaty that President Obama has signed and the Senate is considering … Continue reading Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

Whitlock on target about the Penn State child abuse scandal

While I often find Jason Whitlock annoying, he is right on the money in his editorial (linked below) today about the Penn State scandal. No matter what the exact facts are, this appears to have been mishandled… badly. How can educated, experienced professionals mishandle child abuse? I think there is a paralyzing fear in many institutions and organizations about the corporate brand and finances. Harming the corporate brand means less money from donors, sales of books, etc., thus creating great financial harm. The peer pressure to protect the reputation of the organization can be very strong. A few believe it … Continue reading Whitlock on target about the Penn State child abuse scandal

3 R’s for Excelling in Job Interviews

I always find job interviews exhausting, whether I am the interviewer, or occasionally in the past as an interviewee. These meetings can be among the most important of your life, so it is critical to have a strategy going into it. In this post, I am going to outline three principles that are especially important for people seeking professional positions. Read the job description. Like any other work task, you will find individual interviewers and entire search committees who do not know what they are doing. However, most interview committees are trying to determine if you have the skills and … Continue reading 3 R’s for Excelling in Job Interviews

“But we have no choice…”

Now that the massive bailout bill failed in the House, everyone is watching to see what will happen next. Are we going to be standing is soup lines, or are things not going to be as dire as predicted? No one really knows. The thing that continues to catch my attention is “we have to do this.” It does not matter what your principles are, or that you have an uneasy feeling that this is not right, “we just have no choice.” Ironically, Democrats and Republicans are asked to violate different principles. Democrats, who don’t like giving money to large … Continue reading “But we have no choice…”

Road to dysfunction

The big news in the sporting world this week has been the firing of the president and general manager of the Detroit Lions,  Matt Millen. He had been president for seven years. Millen was one of those leaders, he was going to save the organization, and he was convinced he knew what he was doing. As one sports commentator said, Millen took a mediocre team and made it worse.     The larger story though, is that this team organization has been dysfunctional for almost 15 years (if not longer). It does not seem to matter who comes in, or what … Continue reading Road to dysfunction