Doctors from Hell

Doctors from Hell is a fascinating account of the second round of the Nuremberg Trials which focused on medical personnel. These people, most of whom were MD’s, performed a wide range of often horrific experiments on concentration camp prisoners. The book is written by Vivien Spitz, who was a young court reporter at the time. She describes her life in war-torn Nuremberg and her struggle of coming to grips with the horror she heard about and saw evidence of day after day.

The book also discusses the idea of “subhumans” that became part of the underlying philosophy of those who committed these crimes. The defense seemed to rest on the idea of “we were doing this for the state.”

The Lion at Judiciary Square

Washington, DC has a lot of memorials that most people do not know about. Family and friends help keep them from being forgotten. On my way to a meeting near Judiciary Square this morning I stopped by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and took this picture.

The writing says: “It is not how these officers died that made them heroes it is how they lived.” What you cannot see from my picture is that opposite the lion two cubs are oblivious to their surroundings and playing while the lion watches. I find this setting and these words very profound.