The real truth about my day

I had the health and strength to get up early this morning, get ready, and drive myself to work. There are millions of people who are struggling with disabilities who find this difficult, or impossible. 

I will spend the day in the luxury and privilege that is middle class America. I have an abundance of fresh food, clean drinking water, and live and work in an air conditioned building. There are literally billions of people who would trade places with me, in a second, with no questions asked. 

Don’t worry, though, I am sure I will be uncomfortable for five or six minutes while my car cools off, or be inconvenienced by some advanced piece of technology that doesn’t work for a few seconds, or be irritated by someone who doesn’t do or say exactly what I want them to. 

By lunch I will have forgotten about paragraphs one and two, and might even post some vague and petty problem on Facebook so people can affirm me.


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