Yo Mama

Like many people, I subscribe to a wide array of feeds from various discussion boards and blogs related to history, technology, theology and education. I have really been struck lately at how the message board conversations or blog comments often deteriorate into using profanities or basically saying what was said in elementary school “well, yo’ mama.”

I guess the alternative would be for the person to say, “Honestly, my ability to form a coherent opinion and articulate it is so limited I will have to defer to you on this one.” Or, perhaps we would like to read, at least once, “Your thoughtful opinion piece runs contrary to what I think, and if I could, I would have some witty reply or at least use vocabulary words that have more than four letters.”

In the end, I hope that those who write insightful blogs, or interesting ideas on message boards, will not be discouraged by the trolls.


One thought on “Yo Mama

  1. “I hear ya!” I agree! I know my children have even commented how their peers (they are 19 and 20) cannot seem to write past the way that they talk. Paragraphs, essays and reports on turned in using “texting speech” and slang.

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