Why you should get a degree in psychology

I frequently recommend that people seriously consider getting an undergraduate or graduate degree in psychology. Some people believe a degree in psychology means a career in psychotherapy, which is not the case at all. In fact, most people with a degree in psychology do not spend their days providing counseling services. The settings for people with psychology degrees are varied and numerous.

Other than the opportunity to work in a variety of settings as a teacher, counselor, administrator, researcher, or consultant, there are some other benefits not always considered.

Research and Analysis. You cannot successfully complete a degree in psychology without knowing how to find information, analyze that information, and articulate your findings verbally or in writing. This is a life and work skill that is very much in demand in our information saturated society.

Understanding People. Unless you plan to live on an island by yourself, then you will work with people. The study of psychology looks at how people think, what motivates them, and how they develop. Having this information allows you to be more objective and hopefully a little more effective in working with the people around us.

Writing. Psychology requires good writing skills, particularly at the graduate level. With the proliferation of internet content and the shrinking of printed media, the demand for people who can write well is higher than ever.

Problem Solving. Psychology frequently looks at real life problems, tries to get to the root of those problems, and then find solutions. More often than not, this involves using theoretical concepts to solve practical problems. Psychology demands solutions that work in the real world.

So, imagine presenting yourself to a potential employer with the above mentioned skill set. Is this valuable to most companies or organizations?