“But we have no choice…”

Now that the massive bailout bill failed in the House, everyone is watching to see what will happen next. Are we going to be standing is soup lines, or are things not going to be as dire as predicted? No one really knows.

The thing that continues to catch my attention is “we have to do this.” It does not matter what your principles are, or that you have an uneasy feeling that this is not right, “we just have no choice.” Ironically, Democrats and Republicans are asked to violate different principles. Democrats, who don’t like giving money to large corporations, and Republicans who don’t like government interfering with the free markets.

I have usually found it is the most money obsessed, ethically challenged person in the room who continues to say “I know you don’t want to do this, but we just have no choice. The financial consequences will be dire. You have to vote with me, or support my plan.”

While most agree that there needs to be government action to protect those of us on main street, beware the “but we have no choice” people.  They usually have a flawed or unprincipled plan, and just want you to cast aside your own beliefs and principles. It is a form of bullying, and we need to stand up to it.