Look Dad: I took a bath all by myself.

One of the things in life that really bothers me is our expectations for teenagers. Actually, there are no expectations for teenagers. Most of us probably have two requirements for our teens: 1) Don’t do anything to embarrass me 2) Don’t do anything to cause me any inconvenience. So, basically, if you get out of bed, bathe yourself, and stay out of trouble, we’re good.

I also think the period of adolescence has been extended through the college years now. You are not expected to engage your community, to really contribute or take on serious responsibilities until you are ready—maybe about the time you hit 30 years old.

Last month my son Chris (who is 17) and I went to the “Do Hard Things” Conference in Gaithersburg, MD at Covenant Life Church. There were 3,200 people there, both teens and some parents. The theme is to rebel… rebel against low expectations and start doing something with your life now. I was encouraged that so many came out to join this new national movement. You can read more here.