Community Colleges — Anyone can learn here

I work for a community college that served 54,000 people last year. The genius of this place is that anyone of any age and background can learn here. If you cannot read and have always wanted to read your Bible, you can come here and we will teach you. If you have a Ph.D. and your organization just switched to Office 2007 you can come here, and we will teach you. If you are 50 years old and just lost the job you had for 25 years, we can help you. We will provide counseling, we will help you with your resume, and we will even help prepare you for an interview. If you are 18 and want to do your first two years at a college that is affordable with small classes, come on in.

Some colleges are for th001e elite of society. Some colleges are for everyone. I like being at the place for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Community Colleges — Anyone can learn here

  1. Terry,

    I went to a community college for two years before moving on to the University to finish my finance degree. I loved the flexibility and one-on-one attention that I got at my community college. They also offered online classes, which I could schedule around my family and work. If my community college had had a four year program, I would have stayed there! They are wonderful!

  2. Just got done with my two years, didn’t think it was the best choice for me, but it did teach me a sort of self reliance you don’t get at a four year. You do the studying yourself, you have to commute, and the adjuncts were really good, not only profs but had a real world job in their field which added to the knowledge they taught you. Like all things, pros and cons. A friend of mine goes to one, and loves it. It is a very “real world” experince as opposed to your normal self contained college.

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