Three hints for finding the Ideal job

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These days I am talking to a lot of midlife adults who are looking for something else from their work. They have given so much of their lives to a company or an organization and are not realizing the return they had hoped for.  They are looking for something else, though sometimes they cannot put their finger on it.

The first hint is this: there is really no such thing as an ideal job, as most people define it. Every job has frustrations, hassles, difficult people, and certain stresses.

The second hint is this: your work should revolve around two or three things you are really good at. Everyone has certain skills, things that seem to come easily to them. The most important career goal anyone can have is to find what your natural talents and inclinations are, and then figure out how they can be applied in the workplace.

The third hint is this: put your talents and skills to use where they are appreciated. I recently heard a lecture on Leonardo DaVinci and discovered that he had moved hundreds of miles to advance his career. He was living in a place where those in authority did not see the value in what he was doing. Consider that this man is one of the most brilliant in history!

It may take some time to get to the real ideal job talked about above. The one where most of your time is spent in the two or three things you are the best at. Then, you have to find a place where those things you are good at are appreciated. This make take years, more school, or working to advance where you are. The important thing is to keep moving to this new ideal, for this is where truly rewarding work with meaning can be found.


4 thoughts on “Three hints for finding the Ideal job

  1. Good advice. I’ve coached several folks and taught classes on how to discover who God made you to be and then how to match that to a career that you find fulfilling.

    And you’re right — it is a journey. Along the way you may have to take steps toward the right career. It doesn’t necessarily happen all at once.

    By the way, I’m working on a new career coaching subscription taught from a Christian worldview. Might you be interested in contributing an article or two later this year? You know, helpful advice on a specific topic?

  2. I was wondering where you found this image. I would love to use it in a flyer (not for profit) but just as a background. Do you know who has copyrights? If it is you, may I have permission to use this photo once?

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  3. Katie, this is an photo. Their prices are very reasonable. I think I searched vision or future or something similar to find it.

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