What where they thinking…

Long story short… a teenager boy in NY has not been allowed to bring his hearing assistance dog into school. Many may have heard the story, or seen it on CNN or some other show. Here’s one link: http://wcbstv.com/topstories/local_story_008053726.html

This should have been a “no-brainer” for the school system officials. They should know they have no legal standing, at all. Other than the legal issues, what about public relations? Everyone knows you don’t mess with kids and puppies.

The only reply that I have seen from the school system officials said something about a “process” not being followed. In other words, our lawyer told us to keep quiet until we can figure out a way out of this fiasco.

What were they thinking? Well, I don’t believe they were thinking at all.


One thought on “What where they thinking…

  1. There was a similar case in MA where a little girl was not allowed to bring her service dog to school. I think she was in a wheelchair. It was thought the dog was vicious and was wearing a muzzle, in fact it was a Gentle Leader, which helps a less strong handler to stop the dog tugging on the leash. it works like acupressure. It is not a muzzle. No one bothered to inquire.
    I have had a few difficulties with my hearing dog but I carry an excerpt from the ADA with me, as well as a picture ID from the Service Animal Registry, and I always try to explain in a nonconfrontational manner. It helps a lot that my dog is very appealing and makes people smile anyway! We can be ambassadors for ourselves, I think, if we explain willingly.

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