The Personal Side of Hearing Loss

I am really looking forward to the Hearing Loss Association international convention in June. One of the highlights for me will be the research symposium, which takes place on the very last day. This year’s three hour session will focus on quality of life issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, and loneliness. These important issues which are so important to a person’s life often get overlooked, or not thought about. I am glad we can take a look at them. Stay tuned to for more information.


2 thoughts on “The Personal Side of Hearing Loss

  1. Hello! I will be at the HLAA convention in Oklahoma City. I look forward to meeting you and Denise! I am on the CIHear group and see Denise’s posts every now and then. I am also coming with Jennifer who has a blog at and she, too, has a CI.

    This will be my/our first convention. See you in June!

  2. I will not be at National Convention this year but will be at the regional one in October in PA. LAst year in Florida one of the best parts for me was the last day with the research symposium. I think advances in tehcnology are very thrilling, but for me, the help with coping skills is almost more to the point. I hope that HLAA will continue to maintain this balance. Many people cannot afford more and more devices, and are not ready for an implant, but still need to be able to get rhough everyday life with a hearing loss. I have learned some very useful stuff from the magazine, from conventions and chapter meetings, and have tried to share my own experiences too. HLAA is a real lifeline.

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